Nigel Webb’s ‘Mike Hawthorne’ museum

This was a bit of a treat, Nigel's museum isn't open to the public, its the culmination of one mans devotion to his (and our) motorsport hero - the 1958 World Motor Racing Champion Mike Hawthorne who sadly died in a road accident in 1959. Nigel has been collecting memorabilia for many years and ultimately built his own museum in 2009.

Luckily for us Mike occasionally opens his museum to car clubs and a small number of the regions members jumped at the opportunity along with  other like minded enthusiasts to get close to the cars and other historic items.

shapeimage 2-5

Inside the frankly fantastic set of garages (jealous moi?) were a series of historic vehicles ranging from the 1934 Riley Ulster Imp raced by Mike in the 50's, through a Jaguar SS100, XK140, Mk1, C-Type, D-Type, Etype (nice to have a full set) up to a nice XJ13. Granted some of these are reconstructions but the attention to detail is fabulous to behold and I would be more than happy to drive any one of them. Personally I liked the wall covered in steering wheels from Mike's racing cars (several of them damaged or bent). All around the museum were artifacts from racing days, paintings of Mike and his cars and even Mike's famous corduroy flat cap.

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Outside of the garages were a couple of Mk1's and Mk2's and a very nice recreation of the transporter


Due to the other car clubs attending there was a cracking selection of cars to wander round and chat to owners about. The Goodwood Road Racing Club brought some nice old cars and a thoroughly modern Maclaren plus a rather imposing line up of Porsche's and another couple of Jaguar D-Types making it 3 to look at. But I think my favourite moment was seeing a vintage Austin with a collection of period dressed enthusiasts enjoying a spot of lunch. Ah those were the days....

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If you want to read more about Nigels' collection, his website is packed with information and images - be warned you could there for some time, its a very well populated website!

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